Quantitative Aptitude preparation

Quantitative Aptitude preparation, akin to the strategic maneuvers in the epic Mahabharata, holds a pivotal role for CAT aspirants. Much like the challenges faced by the characters in the great Kurukshetra war, the extensive syllabus and the significance of topics make Quant a formidable adversary. Here, in the backdrop of the Mahabharata, are some sagacious tips for beginners to navigate their path through the Quantitative Aptitude battlefield:

  1. Commence with the basics, like Arjuna’s mastery in archery:
    Embark on your journey by building a foundation as robust as Arjuna’s archery skills. Craft a roadmap akin to Arjuna’s precise aim, starting with fundamental arithmetic—percentages, averages, and gradually progressing towards the time-speed conundrums. Lay the groundwork with precision and meticulous planning.
  2. Practice extensively, mirroring the Pandavas’ combat prowess:
    Just as the Pandavas honed their combat skills through rigorous training, aspiring CAT warriors must practice relentlessly. The battlefield of Quant demands swift and accurate maneuvers. Regular practice sharpens the quantitative acumen, making the aspirant adept at applying formulas and executing calculations with precision.
  3. Identify your strengths, akin to Bhima’s might:
    In the vast battlefield of Quant, akin to the Kurukshetra expanse, recognizing your strengths is paramount. Similar to Bhima leveraging his immense strength, focus on minimizing weaknesses. It is acceptable to skip certain topics, just as Bhima would bypass adversaries, but ensure unwavering accuracy in the chosen domains.
  4. Avoid calculators, reminiscent of ancient warfare tactics:
    Much like the warriors of the Mahabharata relying on traditional weapons, shun the dependency on calculators during your practice sessions. The CAT exam’s digital calculator is analogous to a cumbersome weapon, slowing down the warrior. Stick to pen and paper, resembling the traditional weaponry used in ancient battles, gradually mastering the art of mental calculations.
  5. Test yourself regularly, mirroring the strategic evaluations in war:
    After mastering a specific skill set, test your mettle, much like the periodic assessments of war strategy in the Mahabharata. Use a stopwatch as your timekeeping ally, assessing your prowess in solving quantitative dilemmas. This strategic evaluation not only hones your skills but also prepares you for the rigorous demands of the CAT battlefield.
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