Navigating the Verbal Seas: Lessons from Krishna in the CAT Exam

The CAT exam, much like the cosmic guidance imparted by Lord Krishna in the Mahabharata, poses challenges that demand strategic wisdom. Aspirants seeking to conquer the Verbal section can draw inspiration from Krishna’s teachings. Let us embark on this journey, unraveling the Verbal mysteries in the divine backdrop of the Mahabharata.

Communication as Divine Guidance:

Krishna, the master communicator, guided Arjuna through the chaos of war with clarity. In Verbal Ability, effective communication is paramount. For instance, consider the following analogy question:

Ocean is to Wave as Forest is to __.

Here, recognizing the relationship between elements is crucial, akin to Krishna guiding Arjuna through the complexities of life.

Unraveling Verbal Riddles: Akin to Krishna’s Enigmatic Wisdom:

Krishna’s discourse in the Bhagavad Gita is laden with profound wisdom and enigmatic teachings. In Verbal Ability, decoding analogies demands a similar level of insight. For example:

Sun is to Day as Moon is to __.

Deciphering the relationship between the elements mirrors Krishna’s ability to navigate complex philosophical concepts.

Mastering Language: The Flute of Expression:

Krishna, the divine flutist, mesmerized with the melody of his flute. Similarly, in Verbal Ability, master the language as an instrument of expression. Consider this sentence:

The poet’s words flowed like a melodious tune from Krishna’s flute.

The harmonious comparison illustrates the impact of eloquent expression.

The Art of Persuasion: Learning from Krishna’s Counsel:

Krishna’s persuasive skills played a pivotal role in shaping the Mahabharata. In Verbal Ability, the art of persuasion holds equal importance. For instance:

Write a persuasive essay arguing for the importance of environmental conservation.

Crafting compelling arguments, akin to Krishna’s counsel to Arjuna, becomes imperative.

Reading Comprehension: Krishna’s Omniscient Vision:

Lord Krishna, with his cosmic vision, comprehended the intricacies of the universe. In the Verbal section, master Reading Comprehension with an omniscient perspective. Consider the following passage:

Analyze the passage and identify the author’s main argument and supporting evidence.

Grasping the essence of passages, akin to Krishna’s cosmic vision, becomes vital.

Vocabulary as a Divine Arsenal:

Krishna’s Sudarshana Chakra was his divine weapon. Similarly, in Verbal Ability, vocabulary serves as your arsenal. Consider this sentence:

Armed with a plethora of words, she crafted a Sudarshana Chakra of language, captivating her audience.

Expanding your linguistic repertoire, as Krishna wielded his divine weaponry, enhances verbal prowess.


As CAT aspirants set sail through the Verbal seas, the divine guidance of Krishna, coupled with practical examples, offers profound insights. Embrace the art of communication, decode verbal enigmas, and master language as Krishna did with his flute. Let the cosmic wisdom of the Mahabharata propel you towards verbal excellence, navigating the CAT exam with the grace and strategy inspired by Lord Krishna.

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